After an injury, the most important task you have is rehabilitating yourself. While minor injuries can mean a quick recovery, more serious ones might require the help of trained medical professionals.

At Genesis Integrative Medicine in Geneva, Illinois, Stephanie Schuster, APRN, and Nathan Conroy, DC can provide active rehab guidance to restore your health and protect you from further injury. Our practice combines traditional rehab with an integrative and chiropractic approach, which allows our doctors to customize your treatment for a full and effective recovery.

Why rehab should be your top priority after an injury

You get one chance to rehabilitate properly after an injury. Improper rehab, rushed rehab, or no rehab at all can leave you with chronic pain or other serious issues. You can avoid potential problems by following a solid rehab program

Start by recognizing that rehab is vital to your full recovery. Admit that it will take time and patience to get back to 100%. If you’re an athlete and your injury was enough to bench you completely, expect two days of rehab for every day you were inactive. Aim for slow and steady progress that helps you build back muscle or joint strength without risking a physical relapse.

Finding the right rehab specialist should be your next step. At Genesis Integrative Medicine, our specialists treat each patient as a unique individual. We’ll carefully design a treatment plan to restore your functionality and mobility, and help reduce any pain you feel.

How active rehabilitation can help

Damage to muscles, nerves, and joints are often treated more effectively with physical therapy than with medications or surgery. We use active therapy to mitigate pain and provide support for the injured part of your body as you heal. This is better than simply picking up your original exercise program immediately and risking reinjury.

A customized program will help strengthen surrounding muscles and ligaments while keeping you flexible. Active therapy is effective if you’re recovering from an injury, rehabilitating after surgery, or if you have trouble being physically active. This type of therapy can be modified to meet you where you are and slowly increase your mobility and flexibility.

If you’re worried about your comeback from an injury or surgical procedure, contact us at Genesis Integrative Medicine in Geneva, Illinois. Our team will work with you to help you recover fully. You can call our office at 630-283-6563 or book an appointment online using our convenient scheduling tool.