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Do you have allergy symptoms and suspect certain foods might be the cause?  At Genesis Integrative Medicine we can test your immune system response to specific food proteins, which can be part of helping to determine whether you have an allergy.

A food allergy is a common type of allergy and can cause serious allergic reactions in some people. Nut allergies, in particular, can cause a severe, someitmes life-threatening response. If someone with a food allergy eats or comes across products containing those specific food proteins your immune system activates the release of too much of the antibody IgE. IgE activation causes the release of a substance called histamine, which causes an allergic reaction.

A mediator release test is a blood test that identifies our body's reactions to 140 foods and 30 food chemicals by measuring the number of mediators released and the subsequent changes in white blood cells.

Specifically, the MRT test can identify which items cause an inflammatory response in your body. MRT is the foundation of fully addressing food sensitivities and achieving the maximum outcomes in the shortest period of time.

Testing gives you insight into your allergies and the triggers that cause symptoms and helps your provider create the right treatment options, including an elimination diet, to relieve symptoms and prevent life-threatening complications. Immunotherapy is another treatment of choice for airborne allergens and can either be done with allergy shots or sublingual drops. 

If you struggle with seasonal or year-round allergies, schedule an in-office allergy test by calling Genesis Integrative Medicine today.

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