laser lipo treatment

If you are wondering how the therapy of laser for weight loss works, contact one of our lipo laser experts at Genesis Integrative Medicine now!

Lipo laser treatment is different than traditional liposuction in that it doesn’t involve suctioning; this makes the treatment less traumatic with faster recovery time and reduced risks of complications. Our expert for laser weight loss will study your condition and come up with the best-suited lipo laser therapy for your condition. Visit Genesis Integrative Medicine now!

How to Prepare for Laser Lipo?

Laser lipo is suitable for individuals near their target body weight seeking to enhance their physique, in contrast to CoolSculpting, which is designed for those dealing with significant overweight conditions. Laser liposuction for weight loss is not designed as an alternative weight-loss treatment and should not be seen as replacing diet and regular exercise in terms of results.

Before getting laser lipo, your medical provider will gather an in-depth medical history and complete a full body exam. In preparation for treatment, avoid eating fatty or sugary sweets before commencing laser lipo. Staying well-hydrated is crucial in facilitating this process. Exercise can further stimulate the lymphatic system, expediting the release of glycerol and water from deceased fat cells.

Lipo laser treatment is a non-invasive alternative to surgical liposuction that does not involve needles and incisions, takes approximately half an hour per area, and is performed in your doctor’s office. It is an ideal option for individuals trying to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat that remain resistant to diet and exercise alone.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

Laser lipo is an easy and non-painful procedure to heat away unwanted fat beneath your skin, producing noticeable results in one treatment session. Lipo therapy is performed while you are awake, making it both safe and non-invasive compared to standard liposuction procedures. A doctor will numb the area with an anesthetic so you won’t experience any pain from this form of treatment. To learn about the benefits of laser lipo treatment, visit Genesis Integrative Medicine Center today!

Before getting laser lipo, it is wise to avoid certain foods and supplements that could increase the risk of bruising, such as tobacco smoking, which reduces blood flow to the area and can create complications during recovery. Furthermore, it is also wise to drink enough water throughout your session to stay hydrated – this will help flush out fat cells more effectively and speed up recovery time. Learn more about this innovative laser belly fat removal therapy by contacting one of our laser lipo therapy experts at Genesis Integrative Medicine today!

After the Procedure

Laser liposuction for weight loss is a non-invasive procedure that uses laser energy to destroy fat cells beneath the skin. It’s non-invasive than traditional liposuction due to fewer complications like bruising and swelling from conventional liposuction procedures. Laser energy also causes collagen fibers to contract, tightening skin around an area and making body-sculpting results possible with reduced recovery times. By learning and understanding more about this innovative and non-invasive therapy, you can make more informed decisions about whether you need this treatment or not. To stay informed about lipo laser treatment, consult a leading laser lipo specialist at Genesis Integrative Medicine today. We are known to offer patient-centric and reliable treatments and therapies for our patients, helping them lead a better and healthier life.

Patients may need to take some time off from work, depending on the size and scope of the treatment, as well as their overall health considerations. It is advisable to rest and ensure adequate fluid intake, with water or fruit juice being excellent options. Furthermore, alcohol should be avoided since this may reduce blood flow to your treated areas, making healing harder overall.

The Benefits of Laser Lipo

The therapy of laser liposuction for weight loss has a shorter recovery period than traditional liposuction; patients typically return to work and other activities within days. Lasers not only reduce fat, but they can also tighten the skin in the treatment area. This is particularly beneficial for people with loose skin after weight loss – the heat generated from lasers helps stimulate new collagen production for tight and sculpted-looking skin.

Opposed to CoolSculpting’s freezing of fat cells, laser liposuction for weight loss does not directly destroy fat cells but does inhibit their ability to store any additional fat; they will still develop elsewhere on your body for optimal results; it’s important to continue exercising and eating healthily, after treatment.

Getting Laser Lipo from the Professional

Lipo laser treatment is an effective, safe, and non-invasive solution to help you safely reduce fat in your stomach area. The treatment enables you to achieve a more defined physique by eliminating stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise.

Before laser sculpting lipo treatment, consult one of our reputable specialists at Genesis Integrative Medicine, who can develop a customized treatment plan that best meets your needs. Also, make sure that you drink sufficient water and consume a low-fat diet for optimum results. It’s important to note that laser liposuction is not intended for individuals who are obese; instead, it serves as a body-sculpting treatment for those approaching their ideal weight and can be an excellent addition to a healthier lifestyle.


At your consultation, our practitioners at Genesis Integrative Medicine will assess whether the laser belly fat removal procedure suits you by reviewing your health and examining the size and location of your fatty deposits that need removal.

Before beginning the laser weight loss therapy, a local anesthetic injection will be given so you do not feel any pain during it. When this has an effect, your clinician will make a small incision at the target site and insert a cannula with a laser-emitting device into it.

Lipo laser therapy is an FDA-approved technique that utilizes laser energy to heat and liquefy fat cells, making them easier for surgeons to suction away. To learn more about this innovative and non-invasive treatment, visit Genesis Integrative Medicine today. Book your appointment with us now!