Consider that 54 million Americans have been diagnosed with arthritis and that number is expected to rise to 78 million by the year 2040. While arthritis is the primary source of joint pain, there are myriad conditions that lead to joint and muscle pain, from sprains to tears. And despite the advances in modern medicine, this pain is largely treated by medications, which provide only temporary solutions.

At Genesis Integrative Medicine, we believe in a more holistic approach to health that heals rather than masks your problem. By addressing the source of your pain using innovative therapies, our goal is to provide our patients in Geneva, Illinois, with long-lasting solutions that allow them to lead happy, active lives, free from pain. And one therapy that’s proving very successful is our cold laser therapy, which encourages more rapid healing from within.

Here’s a look at how our non-invasive cold laser therapy can help with your joint or muscle pain, without turning to drugs.

What is a cold laser?

The term “cold laser” actually means low-level laser energy. With cold laser therapy, we deliver light energy into your tissue at different wavelengths that are designed to be absorbed by your cells. These low levels of energy spur a type of photosynthesis response in your cells, rather than damaging them with higher levels of energy. As your cells absorb the light, they convert it into energy, which can accomplish several things:

  • Speed up healing
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Facilitate tissue regeneration

By reducing the inflammation, gives your body ample opportunity to rebuild and repair the soft connective tissues in your joints, as well as your muscles.

Frequency not strength

Cold laser therapy works well when used regularly — in other words, it’s a systematic approach to healing that uses low levels of energy to incrementally heal your tissue. Each cold laser therapy session lasts only minutes and we typically recommend a timeline that involves several visits a week for a few weeks to give your body the healing boost it needs for a full recovery.

We can determine the number of treatments you need when we first evaluate your joint or muscle pain to come up with an appropriate timeline.

The best part is that these treatments are non-invasive, which means there’s no downtime afterward. And as you progress through your cold laser therapy, your results will improve after every session as your tissue heals and your pain lessens.

When cold laser therapy can help

While our title says that we can address joint and muscle pain with cold laser therapy, and this is true, it might be helpful if we were more specific. We often turn to cold laser therapy to treat:

  • Ligament or tendon tears
  • Tendonitis
  • Muscle strains or sprains
  • Arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Back and neck pain
  • Bursitis

Whether you have a degenerative condition or an acute injury, cold laser therapy can often play a significant role in re-establishing pain-free movement.

If you’d like to find out whether you’re a good candidate for our cold laser therapy, simply give us a call at (630) 283-6562 or use our convenient online scheduling tool to set up a consultation.